Here they are. All 16 of 'em.

1. The video iPod, 2 buck songs, downloadable TV shows

In the first 20 days since the launch of the new iPod on October 12th, 2005, Apple sold MORE than 1 million videos via iTunes.  The significance of the video iPod is that millions will NOW be turned on to video like never, ever before.

And they’re going to very quickly become accustomed to video on and off the Internet.  To viewing video.  The video quality on these video iPod's is flawless.  And you can download music videos and TV episodes from the iTunes site for as little as $1.99 an episode.

2. More Mac stores that turn people onto video:

Here is a picture of my local Mac store (formally known as "the Apple Store"). It opened a few months ago in San Antonio and had the longest line of ANY store on opening day.

Any time you go in there, a crowd of people are milling around, looking at computers, attending free seminars and training classes. It's an amazing experience. I love going there just to feel the energy.

Another piece of misinformation people have is "it's just kids who use those video things." That is absolute BULL.

Walk into a Mac store and look with your own eyes at who is there. And if you're in a country or city where there isn't a Mac store, try a Sony store or a place that sells video-type PDA's. It's all people of all ages.

I learned how to use the video iPod from a 60-year-old lady attending a seminar at the Mac store. She, believe it or not, had owned her iPod only 1 week and was already going to the library, checking out audio CD's, ripping them to her iPod and listening to them in her car over her stereo!

My jaw about dropped.

Technology is my business. And here this 60-year old lady was doing circles around me. What's more, I see lots of people of ALL ages in the store, trying out stuff, attending classes. It's really amazing.

3. Easy conversion of video to Apple QuickTime and Macromedia Flash file formats makes it extremely easy to distribute your files on the Internet.

With just a few clicks of your mouse you can upload your raw video footage to a web site that will automatically convert it to a web-friendly version AND host it for free!

How much easier can it get?

Not only that, but the new breed of software programs are making video conversions brain dead simple. For example, in Windows Movie Maker (comes with Windows XP), in 1 click you can save your video for display on PDA's. How cool is that?

And that's just the beginning. The Mac iMovie software has similar amazing features. Not to mention a host of other software options.

4.  You can now see video blogs of real people around the world who have filmed their daily life and posted it for all to view.

This is what really blew my mind. I went online and scanned the video blogs. These are normal, everyday people from around the world who have taken videos of their daily life and posted them on the web for all to view. There are a NUMBER of directories now where you can find these videos.

For example, just check out this amazing vblog directory and see if your niche is already taken or not -

5. The explosion of broadband Internet access.

In the past, video on the Internet sucked.

It was herky jerky. It was under 15 frames per second (the requirement for smooth motion.) Now, we're used to seeing good video on CNN and the big-time web sites (who show us what THEY want us to see).

But you or I couldn't put jack on the Net that looked good.

That is NOT so any longer. You can take a cheapo video camera from eBay or a pawn shop and do incredible video with it. (Oh, yes, I CAN and WILL prove that statement to you.) Oh, you can host that video on the Internet for FREE or certainly cheaper than ever before.

According to the latest stats, the U.S. is now 13th in the world in Internet broadband access! That means countries like Korea, Canada, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden all are now totally wired, even more so than the US. And it opens the door for an explosion of video.

The word "explosion" always sounds like hype. But guys and gals, mark my word. This IS a legitimate explosion. I can't think of any other word to describe it. I mean, when I can go to a web site, browse videos and SEE in full, smooth video what someone's life is like on the other side of the world, THAT is an innovation and an explosion.

For the FIRST time, you and I can see what OTHER people's lives are really like anywhere in the world. Without it going through a "government" or "TV producer's" filter first. Before now, what we knew about other countries, other people's lives was largely filtered through what "other people" would let us see or know.

Personally, I think many governments are scared to death over this. "Oh my gosh. People can now SEE what's really going on anywhere in the world." Before, you could only SEE the video on TV. Yeah, and like THEY didn't distort things all to heck. But now, with video on the Internet, you can see with your own eyes the real reality of whatever the subject or topic is.

Whether that is business, daily life, political events or whatever.

Think about it. At some point, don't you know the media and TV companies are frightened over this? I mean, we won't be reliant on them for VIDEO any longer! If there's a car wreck, a war, a riot, you can get the real, unfiltered, uncensored video of what happened right on the Internet when someone local to the event publishes it.

Holy smokes. Can you see why I say this is a MASSIVE happening? This is almost as revolutionary as the Internet was to begin with. It was the ability for people to communicate without censorship.

Back in 1450 when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, communication took on a whole new level. Then there was radio, TV, telephones and the Internet. But I think video is going to take things to an entirely new level. The ramifications are startling.

On top of that, there's a NEW line of $100 laptops with WIFI access that have the possibility to turn on another 1 - 2 billion people around the world to the internet and video. And believe it or not, it's hand-crank-powered. That is crazy!

That adds new meaning to the phrase "crank it up!"

6. Free online hosting for video blogs

The entire explosion of online video BLOGS is being driven by free video hosting.

Video hosting was another HUGE barrier to people communicating with each other via video. It wasn't cheap to host. In fact, it was very expensive. But now, several companies have decided to support vbloggers and they are providing FREE video hosting, EVEN for business oriented vblogs.

Let me ask you this...does FREE fit your budget? If so, you can join the ranks of video bloggers, get listed in the vblog directories, get your videos available in iTunes, FireAnt and other video aggregators.

Of course, if you have a LOT of traffic to your vblog, you may want to get a paid hosting account. However, even that now has AFFORDABLE hosting available at prices that blow away what I was paying even 6 months ago by a factor of 5X! For example, I have 5 gigs of space with 20 gigs of bandwidth for $100 per month.

7. Point and click automatic conversion of your videos to an online format -- no software required!

Get this: There's a new service that allows you to upload your video and the conversion is done automatically for you! All you do is upload the video out of your camera. You don't even need to own software.

This is going to fuel things even further.

One of the barriers in the past was the expensive software required. Hey, don't worry about it. Now, you can go to a web site and upload your video. The online service will convert the whole thing for you and host it -- FREE! And yes, it really works.

8. New video compression formats

A lot of video blogs are using QuickTime for streaming for different reasons I discuss elsewhere. What's changing things are new video compression formats that just blow me away.

We took a video that was about 120 megabytes in size and crunched it down to just less than 7 megabytes without losing hardly any quality. In the past, it took forever for videos to buffer and load. You had to wait forever.

But now, with broadband, it's much faster than you can imagine.

9. Easy conversion of video FOR cell phones (a 2 billion size market)
as well as shooting of video ON cell phones

OK. So this one knocked my socks off.

1 gig.

I found out that's a VERY important number.

See, I was at Best Buy doing research for this article (that's a popular electronics store in the U.S.). The guy at the counter whipped out his Treo phone and played a video for me that looked great! The entire 90 minute video was on his cell phone! The whole video compressed to less than 1 gig. The reason 1 gig is important is that is the number that fits on SD cards and memory stick cards that go in some of the latest cell phones.

Imagine ripping and converting a video and putting it on a cell phone! Now, how long do you think it will be before videos for the iPod are available for download on iTunes?

Not long.

And how long before the cell phone companies start a service that lets you download movies or stream them over your phone?

I've already seen this totally slick LG VX9800 (Verizon) phone that plays music videos and sports on it:

Why should YOU care about this? Imagine creating a video pitch for YOUR product using Camtasia or regular video and making it available for anyone to instantly and automatically snag a copy - even have it zapped over to their iPod, PSP, cell phone, or PDA. I can show you how to do just that in a few minutes. It's a piece of cake!

According to some reports, there over now over 2 billion mobile phones in circulation around the word. I'll show you how to quickly and easily get your vblogs and promo videos into the proper format to play on cell phones....that opens up a potential 2 BILLION person market to you as more and more cell phones support SD cards and memory.

LISTEN UP: The new cell phones have these little memory cards (teeny tiny plastic cards) that hold a GIG of memory! Did you know you can reduce a 90 minute movie

10. Easy to turn your video into a PSP (PlayStation Portable format)

This is cool.

In a flash you can take your video and convert it for use on your PSP. How neat is that? I think it's neat because your customers USE PSP's (depending on your audience). And it's easy to give them a video they can watch on their PSP. Oh, and don't think it's just kids who watch those things. Next time you fly, look around you on the airplane and see who's using one.

I'm talking grown ups. Business people. People who can buy from you.

The point is, you can deliver content, information, sales pitches or whatever to people in the format THEY want to consume it in.

THAT is powerful.

11. A revolutionary, publicly-traded company with an online video search directory.

This company is publicly traded. That means they have funding. Go to and try it out.

Tell me it isn't really neat.

This is one of many I expect to come down the pike. It gives people access to finding online videos. When Katrina hit, the video bloggers were there -- live. When the tsunami hit, vbloggers put uncensored footage right on the web.

Tell me that isn't going to create a revolution as more and more people learn to do it. Would you rather see it "on the news?" Or from normal, everyday people?

The question is, when people go to or Google Video, will they find YOUR video?

Two months ago, I would have said, "Who has time for it?" My friend Jim Edwards ( was preaching video. Mike Stewart ( was preaching video.

But I wasn't listening.

All that changed the day the video IPOD came out. Straight up, the video IPOD changes everything. Not to mention Google video and all the other stuff I'm going to talk about here.

What's more, after I saw how EASY and SIMPLE it is, and after I saw the DEMAND that the video IPOD is going to stimulate, I changed my thinking.

I mean, you shoot the video, suck it into your computer, and zap it online. Or, you open it in a software program, mess around with a little bit, THEN zap it online.

Either way, you can do the whole, entire process in 31 minutes (more or less, depending on your computer, video length and such).

12. The Google video search engine and free hosting

My friend Jim Edwards sent a video two months ago to his list telling about this. Saying that you could get a jump on everyone by uploading your video there. I didn't listen.

But check it out. It's very cool.

Maybe the best part is that right now, they'll host your video for free. Sure, the free lunch may or may not last forever. But the price of video hosting is many times more affordable than even a year ago. What I've been paying $200 a month for, I can now get for $50 on a paid basis. Or just use a free service.

13. New video cameras that shoot like you won't believe and are going to unleash a new generation of vbloggers, a new type of movie theater, and more.

I was behind the times. I admit it.

I bought a video camera that shoots almost film quality. And I got it for under $700. It's mind blowing how good of video it shoots. Especially the way it handles bad or uneven lighting and shoots smooth video without a tripod.

I can shoot in BAD lighting and STILL get surprising quality. I was really shocked at that.

Now, you don't need one to do a video blog. You can get amazing quality from a $30 video camera off eBay. You really can. What I found out was that my OLD camera (the really old one) could take a lot better video than I imagined -- once I goofed around a little with it.

But with these new cameras, what's amazing is you can get near FILM quality. I'm talking stuff you could put on TV. I can see the day when movie theaters won't use film. Which means it won't cost $1000 per screen to distribute films like it does now. Which means small, independent film makers are going to thrive in an era of digital theaters. Which means the big movie companies won't have a choke hold on the movie-viewing public any longer.

All heck is breaking loose!

Governments, big companies, media companies have got to be scared to death that little guys and gals, people without multi-million dollar budgets are now being empowered to do what they never could before! In the past, the deal killer to distributing your own film was the COST. Theaters use those huge, old-fashioned film reels.

At $1,000 a reel, it costs a pretty penny to distribute a film. But now, with the DIGITAL AGE upon us, that will be no more. New digital movie theaters will open up film to normal people.

Folks, a new day is dawning. Mark my word. If you think that's hype, just watch what happens over the next few years. Just as the printing press empowered people to read, write and communicate, just as radio and TV changed communication forever, just as the Internet changed the world, even so will video online, digital video and new forms of communication and entertainment based on it change the world as we know it.

Here's another mind-bender for you: Some of the newest digital cameras let you take video that is amazingly good. You don't even have to own a video camera. And very soon, I think you're going to be shocked at what the cell phone providers come up with in an effort to compete with the video IPOD. They've got to one-up it. And providing a built-in video camera is one way to do it.

14. Mind-blowing new software that allows you to render "green screen" effects in under 15 minutes -- which means you can put ANY background behind you and break through the "noise factor."

At last, a new way to gain attention and interest that really works.

Green screen is where you shoot video against a green background. Then you can drop in any effect you want. An ocean. Office. Buildings. Roller coaster. The entire "Sky Captain and World of Tomorrow" film with Angela Jolie was shot against a green screen and all backgrounds "dubbed in".

The KEY is that you can put stuff there that GETS ATTENTION and breaks through the "noise factor" that makes your messages get lost in the shuffle.

The problem is "noise."

The solution is to break through the noise. And green screen will do that. Because it lets you put any background behind you that you want.

Here's another one I flat out didn't believe. Just didn't believe it. I had "TRIED" green screen. Been there. Done that. Got frustrated with it. But now, this NEW software program we got for a hundred bucks flat out popped my eyes out.

I'll be a monkey's uncle if we didn't finally render a hot green screen in under 15 minutes. We have even video taped it to PROVE anyone can do a green screen in a flash.

The clip that you saw in the entrance pop is proof. If you didn't see it, click here. If you're on broadband, this will stream OK. If you're on a dial up or 56K connection, it'll be herky jerky.

Yeah, Matt and I did it in a HURRY and it could look crisper. But we did it without ANY professional lights and in a jiffy. It ain't pro. But for vblogs, it's fine. What's more, we've learned some new tricks that are going to make our next one even better.

15. The Rocketboom phenomena

Stephen Jobs featured this home-spun site when he launched the video iPod. I've already mentioned it. But in case you've been skipping around, it's called Rocketboom.

And 30,000 people a day go there to watch it. The url is It's an off-the-wall news/political commentary site. Funny stuff a lot of days. But the cool thing is, it's made at home with 1 camera and 2 lights.

But just so you know, it does take 4 hours of production time a day. (Don't expect THAT quality in 15 minutes.)

16. Amazing new video aggregation software that lets you get FREE, easy distribution for your vblog

Just as there are blog directories where you can find and search for blogs, even so are there video blog directories. For example, elsewhere on this page I showed you a video from (see it here). In addition, there are software aggregators, meaning that you can subscribe to video feeds just like iTunes. But there are others that feature video exclusively.

Two that come to mind are and IpodderX is cool because you can also subscribe to "torrents." You can check it out for more info on that. (Rocketboom gets 70% of their traffic from "torrent distribution" that doesn't cost a dime!)

I mention because, check this out:

Rocketboom reports that they get 500-800 new subscribers per day through IpodderX. That's right...I said ...


If that doesn't remind you of the early Internet days, I don't know what will.

And the thing is - it doesn't cost them one red cent!

* No co-reg fees

* No pay-per-click fees

* No enormous hassles fighting for search engine positioning

THAT's the beauty of getting in EARLY on this opportunity. Like all good things, the longer you wait, the LESS the opportunity will be. The sooner you act, the greater the opportunity.