"Every Single Barrier To You Taking 100% Full Advantage Of VBlogging For Fun and PROFIT have been REMOVED!"

- Marlon Sanders



At Last... Video Blogging For Profit
Made Easy, Simple and Fun!

Attn: Niche marketers, bloggers, info-product sellers, Google AdSense marketers, Ebayers, Public domain'ers, and online businesses...

Dear Friend,

At the top of this page is a picture of the new video iPod.

You’ve seen the ads on TV.  You may already own one.  Like it or not, this little device is rapidly changing many facets of the "wired world."

I’m not one to jump on the latest fad.  But when I saw what’s coming down the pike, my honest reaction was OH, MY GOSH!


The door is now WIDE OPEN for YOU to profit from people downloading video blogs (called vblogs or vlogs for short) and watching them on their PSP's, cell phones, PDA's, laptops and especially their video IPODS.

It's about people getting to consume videos at the time they want, in the way they want, on the device they want.

Think about this:

Video on IPODS. Video on PDA's. Video on cell phones. Video on PSP's.

And add to that digital cameras that take video. Cell phones that shoot video and actually upload it to blogs via email!

Can you say WOW?

I think you'll agree, this IS a MAJOR trend.

It isn't goin' away anytime soon because the revolution has JUST BEGUN. But I'm getting way ahead of myself because I'm so jazzed.

We are moving from a text-based world to a video-based world. For someone born in 1958 like me, that's a mind bender. First it was TV. Then it was video games.

But now there aren't just one or two trends. There are SIXTEEN of them in total. Click here to read about each one.

It's SIMPLE, EASY and FUN to
PROFIT from Video Blogging!

There are no excuses left.

Every single barrier has been demolished, including:

1. The barrier of expensive video hosting -- now it's FREE!

2. The barrier of expensive software -- now conversion is done free online using simple and easy software.

3. The barrier of herky jerky video -- this has been solved by broadband proliferation and new video formats.

4. The barrier of expensive cameras -- now the quality from cheap video cameras will blow your mind

In my product on video blogging secrets revealed, we show video footage from all different price ranges of cameras. What you can do with cheap cameras and even video taken by your digital camera will boggle your mind!

5. The barrier of long buffering and load times -- not a problem any more.

How Do You Profit from VBlogging?

I've spent all this time just to build the case for all the things that are converging to make up a BIG opportunity. But what does this have to do with YOU selling more stuff, marketing niche sites, getting more AdSense revenue and so forth?

What's the bottom line?

There are 7 ways you can profit potentially (always potentially, as you know.....there are no guarantees other than my money-back one, of course) from video blogging:

1. How to boost your AdSense revenue:

Here's what you do:

a. Pick a niche topic from one of the video blog directories. That shows there is demand.

b. Record a video blog several times a week

This should be 5 minutes or less in length and won't take that much time to do.

c. Post your video blog in the directories

d. Build up a following

e. Network with other sites and get inbound links

f. Monetize your traffic

You plug in Google AdSense, Clickbank ebooks, your own products, sell advertising and all the usual stuff. The MAIN key is that these directories are largely unpopulated. By acting now, you can quickly, simply and easily build a following, develop your traffic and credibility in your niche.

Not only that, but I've come up with a smokin' hot idea for increasing AdSense revenue with vblogs. I'm planning on spilling the beans on that one as a free bonus.

2. A NEW way to grab free traffic

Basically, you do the same as above in your existing niche. Video communicates to many people more than text does. By developing your following before others, you leap ahead of the pack.

The thing is, right now you have your opportunity to get in Mefeedia, FireAnt and all the other video aggregators and directories (It's not hard to do).

The traffic from these aggregators and directories is FREE. Any way you slice it, that beats the cost of PPC's. And it's certainly 10X easier than SEO positioning.

3. How to communicate and bond with your MLM downline

If you're in MLM, you're always seeking an edge. Here's a neat one. You do a little video blog several times a week and your downline can SEE you talking to them. Talk about an emotional bond that text simply doesn't give you!

4. Find new niche opportunities

This is neat. You go to any of the video blog directories and you can SEE all the niche markets and interests plain as day. You just pick a topic and start vblogging it.

Or, you pick a niche where NO ONE is vblogging it at all. Overall, the video blog directories and aggregators like IpodderX and FireAnt are relatively unpopulated. That means you have the chance to get a reputation in your niche arena BEFORE anyone else does.

They KEY and the SECRET is to get that reputation and following NOW before everyone jumps on the band wagon. By then, it'll be much, much harder to break through the noise of the marketplace and develop a following.

These vblog directories are the door you walk through to find your niche markets.

The GREAT NEWS is that you will likely be ONE OF THE FIRST! Because this explosion is just starting. It's like the Internet explosion all over again. Well, maybe not THAT dramatic. But I do think you're going to be shocked when you see what I see.

5. Get more opt-ins and juice up your autoresponders, stick letters, lift letters, and other marketing communications

You can create a "teaser" video feed, submit it to all the video blog directories to be distributed freely, and then use it to drive traffic to your "blog squeeze" page where they can opt-in for additional content.

Really, the only limit is your imagination and ability to come up with ideas. All the barriers have been removed. If it gets any simpler and easier, it'll just be ridiculous.

6. Start a new business with NO competition

Because it's new, you have the opportunity to start a business with no competition! What business?

That's up to your imagination.

But one EASY one that comes to my mind is this: Fire up some sample vblogs on a video IPOD and every time you're in a business or you buy something somewhere, show it to the owner.

Ask 'em if they'd like to be able to send a video like that to their customers. Then you whip out a PSP or cell phone and show 'em how the vblog works on there also.

The "kicker" is that with their first order for 6 months of weekly vblogs, you'll give 'em the video IPOD in your grubby little hand!

Your "work" if you wanna call it that consists of doing little 3 minute weekly vblogs for local businesses. Think the word won't travel FAST about those?

Toss in a few cool green screen effects and you'll have yourself a heap of referrals. How's THAT for a way to make money with no competition?

7. Sell more of just about anything

Really, the only limit is your imagination and ability to come up with ideas. All the barriers have been removed. If it gets any simpler and easier, it'll just be ridiculous.

In my "act now" Vblog bonus, I'm gonna give you a lot more good stuff on how to profit. I KNOW that you've got to see the profit. More about the bonus in a second.

But I've got the cart before the horse. Lemme tell you about the product FIRST!

Announcing Video Blogging Secrets -- Revealed
How to Shoot And Deliver Your First Vblog in 31 Minutes

I've created a brand new info product called Secrets of Video Blogging Revealed. It took 50 GIG of videos and data on my hard drive to produce this product.

Matt has aged a year in only 30 days. It has taken 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for a full MONTH to put this sucker together. It's been a mammoth effort -- but it's one I felt compelled to undertake.

It contains numerous ONLINE PowerPoints with audio....just like you'd see if you saw me speak at a seminar. My "Deeper" and "Immersion" packages also contain many audio and video examples so you can hear and see what I'm talking about.

These are HIGH QUALITY and look terrific. (The quality is MUCH higher than the roller coaster video....I produced that in lower quality on purpose). I also provide a downloadable 56K version if you're not on a broadband connection. But you will have a LOT of downloading to do. Just f.y.i.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The 8 simple steps to having your very own video blog up and running in to time flat!

  • "Mini DV? 3CCD? Hi-8? What on earth are you talking about?!" This stuff may sound confusing, but WAIT! --- We take the guess work out of everything and explain it all to you in plain English.

  • Exactly what to do in order to create flawless audio with your video.

  • "What are the advantages of a condenser mic versus a handheld? What about 1 and 3 chip cameras - what's the difference?" We compare and contrast all of your options. We've even spent thousands of dollars on every piece of equipment imaginable - So you don't have to.

  • Where to get the exact microphone used by rock stars in concerts around the world that will make you sound like a virtual superstar for only 50 bucks!

  • Why we almost pulled our hair out and went through untold hassles to try and get our high-quality mic to work with our video camera… and the shocking culprit - a quick fix that will avoid you hours and hours of frustration.

  • The one cord you must have in order to make a high quality mic work with your video camera - this is such a subtle difference, it even took my audio expert forever to figure it out! (It still doesn't make perfect sense, but it WORKS - and that's all that matters!)

  • How to take video with your cell phone from anywhere in the world and email it to a certain email address, to have it instantly and automatically post up on to your video blog - for FREE.

  • The "$30 Camera"! - An affordable digital camcorder that shoots incredible video that we saw on eBay for only $31

  • Exactly, step-by-step, how to create video that can be played on iPods, PlayStation Portables, and cell phones!

  • The most powerful, robust, and intuitive piece of video editing software for under $100 - and how you can use it to apply incredible effects that rival the pro software packages (which can cost upwards of $1,000 and more)!

  • How to film yourself in exotic locations and lush landscapes from the comfort of your living room --- in less than TEN minutes!

  • What $200 microphone has the sound quality of those FIVE times more expensive? (It's true! Back when Matt was in high school, he went in to the music store with $1,000 he raised by working his tail off. And when all was said and done, this mic sounded the best!)

  • How to automatically "zap" your videos straight to your customer's computers, iPods, cell phones, PDA's, and even PSP's - all the while avoiding spam filters altogether!

  • The free piece of software that will automatically convert ANY video to PSP format with only 2 clicks of your mouse!

  • How you can video blog on a shoestring! (Practically every facet of vblogging has free or low-cost alternatives)

  • The vblog directories are largely UNDERpopulated - this means that you are truly getting in on the ground floor.

  • How to vblog in less than 20 minutes - from inception, to the shooting, to the video transfer, to the uploading to the final blog post.

  • The one video host we recommend so that you do not get absolutely pummeled with bandwidth overage charges.

  • How to get FREE hosting for your videos (and the potential disaster you must know about if you decide to go that route)

  • The free piece of software that allows you to "PSPcast", meaning you can get videos automatically zapped to your PSP - even while you sleep.

  • The video compression tool that cuts file sizes in HALF when compared to the standard, while not losing an ounce of video quality.

  • How you can keep up-to-date with all of your favorite RSS feeds from your cell phone.
  • How to make QuickTime Pro work with Feedburner!
  • Which format is better than Flash to deliver your videos in?
  • The latest compression tools, tricks, and secrets that make your videos stream lightning fast!
  • How to quickly, simply, and easily make your video appear in people's iTunes software!
  • Secrets of pro sounding audio!
  • Step-by-step video that shows you how to do killer green screen effects in under 9 minutes!
  • Video samples from 4 different cameras so you can see what kind of camera you need for the quality you want (includes real video footage from a 3-chip camera)!
  • How to convert your video to an online format for free!
  • How to hold multiple-person video conferences and webinars WITHOUT having to download any software!
  • How to add your video blog feed to Mefeedia, FireAnt, IpodderX and other video directories and aggregators -- without breaking a sweat!
  • How to deliver your video to 400 people simultaneously versus only a few at a time with HTTP streaming on a traditional webhost!
  • How to deliver your videos without a "streaming server", thus saving you TONS on hosting fees!
  • Where to get public domain video you can use!
  • The "crazy secret" that allows you to create INTERACTIVE videos where people can actually order or opt-in WITHIN the video!

You're probably wondering how much
I'm going to ding you for to get this deal...

Ok, so right about now you're wondering just how much it'll take to get your hands on this information. And is it going to be worth the money?

Well let me ask you this:

  • What is it worth to you to open up new channels of communication between you and your customers?
  • What's it worth to you to have new ways to get people to opt-in to your email list using video?
  • What about having new ways to communicate with your customers using cell phones, iPods, and PSPs?
  • What's it worth to you to have new ways to bond emotionally with your prospects and customers?

I think you'll agree it's ALOT. But the next question you're asking before parting with your dollar, pound, peso (or whatever your currency is) -- the next question is "Can I get this information cheaper, somewhere else, or even for free? I mean - why should I pay if I don't have to?" Right?

The answer is: I don't know of anywhere, any place - short of going to a live seminar or event (for a lot more money!) - where you can get any of this information.

What's more, I've never seen anyone shoot the live video coverage we have and show camera by camera comparisons. Or capture audio using a wide range of different microphones.

I don't know of anyone who's shown (in video) exactly how to do the green screen effect super simple and easy. I don't know anywhere where people show you that you can shoot video with your cell phone and email it to a certain email address to have it automatically zapped on to your video blog. I don't know anywhere that unravels the video hosting puzzle like we do. Because if you don't know what you're doing, you could pay a fortune for video hosting fees.

In short, there's a lot to know. But we've removed the complexity, turned it in to simplicity, and delivered to you nicely, neatly, on a silver plate with a pretty little red ribbon tied around it. If that's not worth $100 or $250, then pray tell, what is?

My friends, my competitors, and even people I don't know will probably tell me that I should have packaged this up and sold it for a thousand bucks. Cause it's worth a lot more.

For the first time ever, video blogging, A to Z, turnkey is made simple. Brain dead simple. What's the price of brain-dead simple? Well $97 to $250 depending on whether you want the bare bones or all the frills, bells, and whistles.

Let me break it down for you:

Package Number 1: "Getting Your Feet Wet"

Package Number 1: Getting Your Feet Wet

I've stripped out the extras, stripped out the audio/video examples and are just giving you the bare bones.

In the ONLINE PowerPoint videos, you will learn all the basics: how to shoot the video, how to get the video on to your computer, how to get your RSS feed set up and running, how to get your video automatically zapped to iPods. It costs $97 but it contains a TON of step-by-step, what to do and HOW to do it info that simply cannot and will NOT find anywhere else. It's actually worth many times the price.

Package Number 2: "Deeper"

Package Number 2: Deeper

The "Deeper" package has everything from the first package, but you also get all of the videos: the green screen tutorial, digital camcorder comparisons, the Panasonic PV-GS150 demo, the QuickTime video, and the final green screen demo video. You also get the microphone comparison audios.

And as an added bonus, you will also get the How To Do Green Screen bonus PowerPoint presentation, which walks you step-by-step, every minute detail, how to perform killer green screen effects on your computer with ease.

You can now take out the background of your video and replace it with anything you want - a video or a still photo. Why do YOU care?

Because if you're communicating with a target market of people that are interested in fish, stick a giant aquarium behind you!

If your niche is carpet cleaners, stick a picture of your truck or van behind you. Whatever it is that your particular customers are interested in, you can incorporate it into your video faster, simpler, and easier than you could have ever imagined (well... close to it anyway!).

Package Number 3: "Immersion"

Package Number 3: Immersion

The "Immersion" package contains everything from the "Deeper" package PLUS you get the following bonuses:

Platinum bonus #1: Access to a private online forum for 60-days. In the forum you can ask any question about the product, and every few days Matt or I will pop in to answer your questions. When working with technical stuff, you're bound to have questions. And when you sign up for the "Immersion" package, you will be able to ask them all for 60 days. After the first 60 days, the online forum will be CLOSED. So jump on this opportunity while you can!

Platinum bonus #2: Real live footage of Matt and I setting up a green screen where you can do your drop-dead backgrounds and effects.

This week, Matt and I are also shooting LIVE video of us doing a green screen. We're going to shoot the whole thing. We're going to show you in actual video (not just PowerPoint) how we do the green screen and the lighting. Plus we're going to show you our super secret source for green screen materials and backdrops.

And, on top of that, we're also going to show you where you can get amazing, drop-dead video footage that's already been shot in front of a green screen and you can just drop it right in to your video.

Now remember, we're setting up a green screen that's suitable for video blogs. It's kind of "guerilla" green screening - we're not using professional lights that are incredibly expensive and take up a lot of space. We're using lights you can buy at Home Depot and a green screen that only costs $50-$100. It may not be pro, but it's perfect for doing your video blogs and it looks great.

Platinum bonus #3: My complete speech at Armand's Big Seminar in Video iPod, PSP, and cell phone formats available for download for 60 days. It downloads quickly on broadband, but 56K'ers BEWARE!

The guaranteed video blog risk-free proposition:

Short, sweet and simple, here it is:

You will be able to produce your own video blog, you will be excited about video blogging, you will see possibilities you've never seen before, you will know how to do everything I say in this letter -- or I'll refund every penny of your money without delay.

Why am I willing to give you this guarantee?

Simple: Because this product is astounding. It really is. We show you things that we didn't even think we could figure out. Not only that, but we've made it as brain-dead simple as any human being could have made it. I don't think it could be made any simpler.

You're probably wondering if you should get this now or put off buying it. So obviously I need to give you a couple of incentives to do it now. Besides, it's very much in your own best interest to do so. So here's what I call my "irresistible, gotta act now or I'm almost a fool" bonuses.

Bonus #1 - Follow us LIVE as we shoot and put online a vblog in only 31-Minutes

Remember at the beginning of this letter when I mentioned shooting your own vblog in 31 minutes? What if I could prove to you beyond any shadow of a doubt that you could do a video blog, from beginning to end, in 31 minutes?

Here's what Matt and I did: we started from scratch with everything disassembled. Then we hooked up the camera and audio, shot the video, brought it upstairs, dropped it in to the computer, compiled it, uploaded, and published it all in only 31-minutes.

What's more is we filmed the whole thing. You get to see every little thing that we did.

I show you everything step-by-step. There's nothing hidden or secret.

The step-by-step power point video (supported by real video footage) reveals everything. The whole ball of wax. Everything you need to know and do to create and publish pristine clear video blogs. I've made it brain-dead simple. And it's all step-by-step.

Bonus #2 - "How to Compile Your Video For Viewing On iPods, PSP's, And Even Cell Phones!" -- so you can deliver pitches, info or content to your customers the way THEY want to consume it.

You can deliver sales promos, Camtasia videos, niche marketing how-tos, inner-circle communications, bonus videos, video newsletters, hotline updates to your customers and prospects in the format that they prefer. Remember, this isn't just for YOUR use.

And the power of this is that you can communicate with them "on the go" using the media that is convenient for THEM. If they like to watch stuff on their cell phone, hey - you'll deliver your pitch to them on their cell phone (or even your info product).

Are they turned on to the PSP (PlayStation Portable)? If so, you'll deliver your sales video/product video to them on the format that they want to watch it on.

And according to some reports, there over now over 2 billion mobile phones in circulation around the word. I'll show you how to quickly and easily get your vblogs and promo videos into the proper format to play on cell phones....that opens up a potential 2 BILLION person market to you!

Get this: we're no longer limited, restricted, or bound by the desktop or laptop computer. It's a new era of portable, customized delivery of information to the consumer in the format they want.

This has NEVER been available before. It's virtually as revolutionary as the internet is (or at least there is a case to be made that it is).

Bonus #3 - How to SOUND like a million bucks on your video

So what good is having amazing video if the audio quality is no good?

In Killer Audio Secrets, we show you exactly what to use with a consumer quality camcorder to get the highest quality audio imaginable.

We also compare 6 different microphones and discuss the pros and cons of each. We tell it like it is so you don't wind up spending money on a crummy mic. Then we show you how you can hook it up to any consumer quality camcorder that has a mini microphone input. That way you will not have to use the built-in, low-quality mic on the camera.

Bonus #4 - "Cool Stuff!" -- How to shoot video with your cell phone and zap it to your blog via email!

Some of this information is just too cool!

For example: you could be mountain-climbing in Colorado. You reach the summit - the scenery is gorgeous and awe-inspiring, so you shoot some video with your cell phone camera, email it to a certain email address, and viola! It's automatically posted on to your video blog - for FREE!

There's also the webinar or video conference that requires no software download! And the amazing quality condenser microphone that plugs straight into the USB jack on your computer. No mixer, "phantom power' or any other technical thing necessary. It's just play and play! Then there's the drag-and-drop, brain-dead easy video conversion tool. There's just too much to mention here!

All 4 of these bonuses will be included FREE with any order (Get Your Feet Wet, Deeper, and Immersion all get these bonuses) that is placed before 11:59 PM CST, .

After the deadline I reserve the right to pull them off and never offer them again. Actually, the information in just these bonuses alone is so good that I could very well package them up into a separate product and sell it. but for now, they are free when you buy before the deadline.

You get IMMEDIATE ONLINE ACCESS to the full motion Power Point Videos, plus the audio and video samples in the Deeper and Platinum options.

"Yes Marlon, I want to get on board while the gettin' is good! I want to join the revolution now. Please open sesame immediately! I understand I risk nothing with your 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. On that basis, here is my order:"

Package Number 1: "Getting Your Feet Wet"


Package Number 2: "Deeper"

CLICK HERE TO ORDER (Only $147.00)

Package Number 3: "Immersion"

CLICK HERE TO ORDER (Only $250.00)

In the event you have a problem ordering or need support just go to THIS URL and contact us: http://www.getyoursupport.com

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

P.S. Still not sure you should act right this minute? Then let me give you the final piez de resistance! Every week for the next 10 weeks Matt and I will be posting free follow-up videos on our blog for those who buy now.

In ADDITION to the product, you ALSO will receive our weekly vblog for 10 weeks and it's worth the cash by itself.

What You Get In Your 10-Week VBlog

  • How to create your Christmas vblog promo that knocks your profits up through Santa's chimney.

  • How to automatically zap your videos to iPods and PSP's - learn the exact resolution, audio compression format, frame rate, and video configuration options to get it all up and running.

  • Our power opt-in strategy that will get more people joining your list - faster and easier.

  • Exactly what to say in your Pay Per Click ads to boost your click throughs!

  • How to use video blogs to boost your Google AdSense revenue AND increase your clicks.

  • Our brand spankin' new "Blog Squeeze" method for generating opt-ins to your list.

  • The amazing video stick letter for locking your customers in on the back end.

  • We'll take you into video blog, niche directories and show you where to come up with new, killer niche ideas AND we'll show you how to develop a niche following specifically because of your video blog (hey - if you're 1st, life is good!)

  • How to increase the value of your info products, ebooks, and private sites by adding videos and video blogs.
  • How to overlay professional looking titles onto your video!

  • Step-by-step, exactly how to upload your media files to Cheapvideohosting.com. AND - streaming videos demystified!

  • How to boost the sales of your "public domain product sites" and your niche "underachiever" sites using video autoresponders.

  • Actual examples of shooting video with a digital camera - the quality of the video and sound will blow you away.

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